UBBT Week 9 - Down for the count

I am currently TKO'ed for the time being.

Knockdown 1: Still Injured

Knockdown 2: Really Sick (along with the rest of the family)

Knockdown 3: Buying house and moving stress through it all

Working hard to just accept the situations and not fight it. This too will pass and I look forward to coming out the other side. Not much else to report, but I anticipate some lessons coming out of all of this.

We will see next week. More to come!

UBBT Week 8 - Lessons from a hurt back

No one likes being injured. Especially someone like me who likes to stay active. But when you train hard it comes with risks. Risks you accept because you the benefits are worth it.

When I felt (and heard) by back give out I felt my ego give out with it. It wasn't a particularly heavy weight for me, but that didn't matter. I just let my focus slip for a second and that is all it took.

When Tom and I talked the week before we talked about transformational language. Basically its taking one word, usually negative, and replacing it with another word that helps you look at the situation in a more positive light.

One that I called on in that moment, where I was laying on the ground, eyes closed, trying assess the extent of the injury, was replacing the word frustrated (which I was definitely feeling) with fascinated. While it didn't ease the physical pain I was feeling, it turned the situation into something must more positive.

When I became "fascinated" with my injury it made me really dig deep as to why I got injured. Was I lifting too much? No. Was my form bad? Yes. Why was my form bad? I wasn't thinking about it. Why not? I was stressed and thinking about all the things I needed to get done that day. Lesson learned? Totally! When doing something, be fully present. I owe to myself, my family, my students, to be in the moment and at my best.

There may just be something to this transformational language thing. It makes me want to think of other, negative, words that I can replace with more positive ones. It may just be the key to staying resilient through this process.

UBBT Week 2 - Forgiveness

True forgiveness means that you don't actually forget. To be able to remember, accept, and move forward without resentment, anger, or attempting to use it as some sort of "ammo" in the event you feel wronged is, to me, is the most genuine kind of forgiveness.