UBBT Week 19 - One Week from Natick Soup!

I can't believe Natick Soup is one week away! So far ticket sale are good. We haven't sold out, but about 50 of the 100 tickets are sold. It makes me feel good that we will at least have a good group of people there.

Our Fundraising has almost surpassed our goal. The $2500 grant is covered and we may have a little left over to cover expenses. Our food is secured (Thank you Renee's Kitchen), and its going to be great! I have a much of other last minute things to do to prepare, but its all coming together.

Like I said last week, I am going to sell this thing out. So, not much time to write much more. I have work to do!

UBBT Week 15 - Natick Soup

OK...I am kinda freaking out a little bit.

When I start things I am really optimistic. Its my nature. Eventually, reality kicks in. While I still tend to stay optimistic in the end, I definitely get brought down back to reality.

Once I started working to get the idea of Natick Soup out to the community I thought we would get at least a few good projects. Unfortunately I have to say....Nothing! I got two ideas: One was great (An idea centered around happiness), the other...not so much (I couldn't actually understand what it was).

I think its obvious to say that without at least a few projects to support there is no event. I know I can't make people submit ideas. While part of me wants to think its just out of my control, I know there has to be more I can do to find people with great ideas. I am just going to have to hustle a little harder to spread the work and explain what Natick Soup is all about.

I know there are people out there in the community with great ideas, and I am determined to find them!

UBBT Week 14 - Natick Soup Might Actually Happen!

I am feeling super inspired after the meetings with my team helping me with my Natick Soup Project(Yup...I got a website up). I have been so fortunate to find a group of people that believe in my idea as much as I do.

My team? Adam, Stacie, Kristen, and Beverly. Adam, Stacie, Bev are all parents at my school who I have a great connection with. Kristen is one of my amazing program directors who keeps me organized. I also have Eleni who, while not on the board, is doing all the graphic design work. After chatting with them I could sense their excitement over the event. Knowing that I am not in this alone reassures me that not only is my idea valid, but it will become a reality.

There are still a lot of unknowns. Will we get any projects? Will we get enough funding? Will people even want to come? So many things that feel out of my control. But I am determined to do everything I can to make it a success, and I know this team will help me get there!