Maya Garcia Miller BB Entry #4

This month I’ve made a lot of progress on my goals which is exciting. I’ve started doing handstands against the wall before I start training, just to get used to being upside down. When I first attempted to do the handstand against the wall I was able to do it after a few tries but I couldn’t hold it for that long and it didn’t have good form. Now that I’ve been practicing them for a while i’m able to do the handstand against the wall with good form and hold it for about 15 second. I’m starting to get used to being upside down, and what it feels like, and i’m now beginning to try to bring my feet off the wall and work on my balance. I’ve accomplished this once or twice, but need to work on my form and how long I hold it for. I’m excited to continue to work on my handstand and improving it. I also registered for a competition on February 9th. I was kinda hesitant to register in the beginning because I didn't feel as though I would be ready. My father then informed me that I should do it because I would never be ready and I just have to give it a shot. I’m only a little bit nervous but only because it's something i’ve never done before. I’m also very excited because i’ve been wanting to compete for the past couple of year but something always got in the way. I’m trying to go into the competition with low expectations and treat it like a trial run for hopefully future competitions. My sister and I have been thinking about our leadership project and some possible ideas. I think we are going to do a joint project and work together. Our grandfather runs a non profit that focuses on encouraging kids to be active and healthy so we have been bouncing around different projects we could do with that resource. We are hoping to make more progress with the project in the next couple months.