Sophia Wick BB Entry #4

As the new year starts, I have really committed even more to the black belt test as it is approaching soon, and I have been able to refocus myself for the new year. For my personal and fitness goals, I have established my beginning point/basis through video and photos. At the moment I can do about 5 “perfect” push-ups with decent form, but I will need to up that number and improve my form for the test. In order to do so, I will need to practice my push-ups often. My goal is to attempt to do 10 push-ups a day. I am worried that I will forget to do this, or I will not be able to complete this, so I am going to try to do these push-ups every night before I go to bed. In addition to my goals, I also need to start working on my leadership project. I want to be able to help someone in need through it, but I have to find someone who needs help locally. I am thinking about doing a bake sale or drive for either money or supplies for the cause. Another thing I have really committed to in this new month is being consistent with my training. I have trained twice a day for every week of the month (besides midterms week) and when I miss a day, I go three times the next week. This has helped me to enhance my skills and learn and remember the new techniques and strike combinations we are learning for the cycle. Lastly, for this month’s black belt training, I decided to go to class and then stay for the black belt training. This was almost 3 hours of straight training, which I was very concerned about, but it ended up not being that bad and I had consistent energy the whole time. I am going to try and continue doing this for the rest of the black belt trainings because I am trying to build up my endurance so I have enough energy for the 5-hour test. Additionally, on Mondays I also teach from 4:00-5:45 and usually stay for class from 7:15-8:30 which will hopefully also help me to build endurance for completing the test.

Thanks! Sophia