Sofia Garcia Miller BB Entry #4

January has been a really productive month for me. In my last journal entry, I talked about how I wanted to improve the consistency of my training and I feel as though I made good steps towards achieving that. This past month I was able to consistently attend class and overall I think y training has improved in that short amount of time. I specifically felt improvement towards the end of the month and really ramped up my training. Additionally, this month I worked a lot on my fitness goal, which is to run 3 miles and have an average pace of 9 minutes. I was able to establish a schedule for when I planned on running and how far. I also started using a running app to track my progress and ensure I have the information handy for the end of the test. I decided that after some of my runs I would take a short video of myself summarizing how far I ran that day and how I felt and what I wanted to improve on for my next run. Running is something that I have always hated but I recognize that endurance and speed is beneficial for the activities that I do and it's something that I really want to improve so I hope that through this process I can improve my endurance and speed and be able to translate it into other activities in my life. Overall, I hope to continue with my progress from this month as I continue with my test.