Sam Rothschild BB Entry #4

Hello, So this month has not been very productive in terms of my Black Belt testing. My plan was to read 2 books this month, and get to a point where I could consistently get one rung on the salmon ladder, as well as flesh out my plan for my leadership project. However, I have accomplished none of these things. I read one book(I have not yet written the blog entry for this, but will get on it shortly), didn’t do any work on the salmon ladder specifically, and didn’t talk to anyone to figure out what specifically might be needed at the school I am looking to help. This month I was very busy with a few different things that I should have planned better for, the end of the semester saw a big jump in the work load I had, and in addition the play that I am in has kicked into gear which means I have a lot of memorizing to do, but those are just excuses. The fact of the matter is I didn’t manage my time very well, and I did not stay disciplined with allocating time to work on what I need to for the black belt test. There were often times throughout this month where on various assignments I procrastinated, and ended up piling up work for myself making it much more difficult for me to get done the black belt work where the consequences of not getting it done feel much less immediate, so this is something I will need to work on. In addition, I failed to get into the habit of reading 20 minutes before going to bed as I had hoped to do at the beginning of the month. In order to make up for the lost time in the month of January, I will try to make up for it next month. My goal is to finish 3 books by the end of February, I will keep the same short term goal I had last month for this month as I feel I will still have plenty of time to get to the point that I would like to be at. In terms of my leadership project I will make a detailed plan for the process, and begin the early phases which will likely mean finding people to help me or beginning fundraising. Hopefully next month I will have learned from the mistakes I made this month, and I will have a more positive report to share with you all.

-Sam Rothschild