Jordan Landgrebe BB Entry #4

As my journey continues in it's course I've met more walls that prevent me from achieving my goals. As I've stated in past journals of my academic weaknesses that result from my ADHD (organization, planning or scheduling, etc..), studying for test, quizzes or different kinds of assessments is something that follows suit as well. I fully admit that I'm very bad when it comes to test taking, well I'm bad at taking tests in a complicated way. It really depends how fast the class moves through material, the AP and Honors class that I'm in move at a much faster pace so it's difficult for me to retain all the information. In my regular level math class, we move at a slower pace and I absorb the information like a sponge, I don't spend more than 20 minutes studying for a math test (including the Midterm) and I get at least a 95. Since my AP class and Honors class move at a faster pace, I have to study more to do better on the tests. These test are also application based instead of defining certain concepts, requiring another level of studying. The problem for me is I don't really know how to effectively study for these classes, so my test grades weren't that great and affected my grades. For AP Environmental Science I got a D on the Midterm and a C+ as my semester grade. I also earned a C on the Midterm in Honors Biology and a C+ as my final semester grade. (term 1 and 2 determine 40% of semester grade each and the Midterm is 20% of the semester grade). In order to reach my personal goal of having at least a B in all my classes, I need to tear down the wall which is preventing me from doing so: testing and studying. Starting one step at a time, I've already gone to my teachers and asked for their suggestions on what I should do when studying for the tests and quizzes. I'm also going to ask my tutor on what he suggests I should do to increase my studying efficiency, as well as visiting my teachers after school for extra help. I'm hoping that this'll help me go from taking one step at a time to jogging in the aims of my goal. On a side note, I know I've talked about ADHD and how it works/ how it affects me. I found a video that couldn't have explain what having ADHD is like any better. I would greatly appreciate it if you could click the link below and take about 7-10 minutes of your time to truly understand what life with ADHD is like and how it affects those who have it. Thank you for reading my Black Belt Journal and I apologize that this was much longer that others. Check back next month for my February Black Belt Journal. Video: