Sophia Wick BB Entry #3

As I continue with the third month of my black belt journey and approach the new year, I am focusing and working harder on my preparation as my goals are cemented. However, this month was probably the hardest in terms of the process so far. With the holidays and all the stress that comes with them, on top of the many school assignments that the teachers assign before break I had trouble keeping up with my regular training, not just my black belt preparation. I missed a few days during the week and was not really able to commit to all aspects of the black belt training, especially the healthy eating over the holidays! I made some adjustment and cemented my fitness and personal goals. My fitness goal is still to do 10 perfect push-ups, while I changed my personal goal to spend a maximum of 30 minutes on social media per school day and a maximum of 1 hour on the weekends. I have determined my baseline for this goal, but I really need to focus on my fitness goal of achieving 10 perfect push-ups and working on that every day. As the new year comes, I hope to adjust to my schedule and become consistent with my training along with focusing on achieving my fitness goal and working towards it every day. Additionally, I need to establish an idea for my leadership project that I will accomplish in the next couple of months.

Thanks! Sophia