Jordan Landgrebe BB entry #2

As I mentioned in my previous monthly journal, my personal goal is school related. Previously I said I wanted to achieve honor roll for the first and second semester. I thought that I should edit this goal of mine and came up with this: I want to get a B for all my classes throughout the year, and I actually came close to my goal.

Only one grade was a C! Some of you reading this may wonder why I chose this as my goal. For those who don't know, I have very strong ADHD. In my previous school years I didn't do so well due to this because I have very poor organizational, trouble staying focused for long periods of time, and am very forgetful. Previously, I would just use my memory to keep track of my homework assignments. This lead me to become very close friends with doing everything the night before the due date, including whole projects. I constantly had missing assignment and my grades went for a ride on a rollercoaster. By the end of last school year I decided that I shouldn't use my ADHD as an excuse and I should start working on my problems. This goal is in place to help me keep myself more organized trying different ways for keeping track of my schedule and planning my assignments. Thank you for reading this months journal, if you haven't read my previous journal I would appreciate it if you do and stay tuned for next months update.