Maya Garcia Miller BB Entry #3

I didn’t feel as good about the month of December as I did about November. There was a lot thing going on in different parts of my life that got a little overwhelming and stressful. However I did feel like this month I made my training very consistent and regular. Also when I was training I felt good and like i had a lot of energy. We had another Black Belt training and it was my favorite so far. We worked on grappling which I like a lot. Also we were able to do some live training at the end that I really enjoyed and thought it helped to see how you perform under stress. We didn’t have a lot of classes this week where we went over new things or instruction because the first two weeks of december were stripe testing and then we had a fun week. Sometimes I do prefer when there is less instruction and down time during classes because you really get to see how well you can do techniques without instruction and also see how good your memory is. As far as my goals go i’ve been making progress on some of them. I have now progresseed my pushups and can do 10 with my toes wide. I haven't really done a lot with my handstand goal but I really need to get on that because I don't have that much time. For my flexibility I have been stretching and trying to do so everyday or every other day. I haven’t seen a lot of changes since I started doing that but them again it's only been a few weeks. In 2019 i’m going to start to try to work on each goal in some way every day.