Sam Rothschild BB Entry #3

This month went really well for me in terms of the black belt test. I was able to set up the blog where I will be writing about all of the books that I am reading which you can see here: so far I am only one book in, but will be ramping it up after the new year, I just wanted to get this set up, and the real work will begin next year. Since I am shooting for 14 more books by the end of the test which is in June, I will need to read approximately one book every two weeks which will be difficult for me on top of school and everything else, but that is the point. I feel I am at the point now where I am rarely craving sugar, and even less often going for the candy which I have been trying to cut back on which I am really happy about. I hope to keep up this momentum, and not lose the ground that I have made on this issue. Recently I joined a play at my school which has caused my attendance at martial arts to be sporadic at best, so I will need to work on managing my time better over the course of the next couple months to try and fit everything in. When I am at martial arts I feel that I do pretty well, but it is still really important that I try to get in more frequently. This month I began work on learning how to do the salmon ladder, I got a lot of advice and tips on how to do it, and after a few tries I decided to record a few videos of me trying to do it and to my surprise got a rung on one of the tries, it was probably a fluke, but I am still happy about it. Here are the baseline videos of me attempting the salmon ladder:

Thank you for reading, Sam