Jordan Landgrebe BB Entry #3

As I continue down my journey to black belt I've started to encounter some road blocks, mainly for my personal goal. School work is starting to pile on more and more and it's becoming quite difficult to find time to complete all of it. As someone with ADHD planning and time management is very difficult for me compared to others, as I mentioned in one of my previous journals. To counter these difficulties I'm working with both my teachers and organizational tutor on the next steps I need to take. I've also been working on my fitness goal, which is to do 120 sit ups in a row. I can currently do between 80-90 in a row as seen in the video linked below. The video is 2 minutes long, but there is an option to speed up the video by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner if you don't feel like watching me do sit-ups for 2 minutes, I understand I would also think that it get repetitive after a little bit. For my community service project I'm trying to do a clothing drive, further planning is need to make that official. An update on that will be posted in my next months journal so if your interested be sure to check in next month.