Sofia Garcia Miller BB Entry #3

To be perfectly honest this month has been rough. With the end of the year approaching, a lot of stuff tends to pile up in the last couple of weeks of December and I felt that significantly this month. At school, I had at least one assignment due in every class, the week leading up to break, so it was a lot of work being piled on, right before Christmas Break. It was hard to focus on the school work with the break being so close. For example, I had a history project due the last day of school before break and it was so hard to focus and complete the work, but once I did it felt so good to be done. At home, we have my moms whole family staying with us, so it is a lot of people in one space and with all the work I had to do for school I felt suffocated at times. That being said, I think the Christmas break has been really nice, to just relax, breathe and spend time with family without having to worry about other things. I recognize that my training has not been as consistent as I would like and I hope that I can get back on track when we return from the break because I really saw an improvement in my overall well-being when I was consistent with my training. I am looking forward to the New Year and having somewhat of a fresh start. I think this year has the potential to be a really good one and I can't wait to continue the journey to black belt into the new year.