Sophia Wick BB Entry #2

In my journal entry for the month I also talk about my goals and how I will reach them:

The second month into my black belt journey, I am very excited as I finally earned my advanced brown belt meaning I’m definitely going to be testing for my black belt this year! One thing I am working on is keeping the energy and determination it took to earn my advanced brown belt throughout my black belt testing months. Another development in the testing process is that we established our personal and fitness goals that we will strive to reach throughout the test. My fitness goal is to do 10 perfect push-ups. In order to achieve this goal I am going to do push-ups at least 3 times during the week and during training when we are doing push-ups, I will do as many push-ups as I can on my feet before going to my knees. Additionally, my personal goal I came up with is to try and spend an average/maximum of 2 hours working on my homework at home. In order to do this I will time myself and try to assign a time limit to all my tasks, and limit outside distractions such as my phone, YouTube or other websites. I will also try to get as much homework done as I can during study periods in school. I am very motivated to work towards these fitness and personal goals, and hopeful that I can achieve them. However, I know it will take a lot of perseverance and hard work in the following months.

Thanks! Sophia