Sofia Garcia Miller BB Entry #2

This past month I have been focusing a lot on the goals I have set for myself. My personal goal was harder for me to determine, than my fitness goal, but when thinking about what my personal goal was going to be I started to think about how I spend my time each day and discovered that I was spending a lot of unnecessary time on my phone simply scrolling through social media. So in order to make better use of my time, I decided that spending less time on my phone was ideal. More specifically, my personal goal for the test is to use my phone for less than 2 hours a day. I have been using the feature on my iPhone called Screen Time. The feature gives you a daily average of phone usage based on the week, every Sunday. In order to ensure that I was going to spend less time on my phone, I deleted a lot of the apps that I was spending excessive amounts of time on. Finally, I was able to set up the Screen Time feature on my iPhone to send me notifications every Sunday that give me my daily average based on the past week. I have been screenshotting those averages and saving them in order to be able to compile them at the end. Through trying to achieve this goal, I have found myself procrastinating less and being able to finish tasks on time. My fitness goal came pretty easy to me because I also play hockey so I knew that I wanted to do something that would also help me progress in that sport and two similarities I found between the two were speed and endurance. So for my fitness goal, I decided that I want to be able to run 3 miles while maintaining a pace of 9 minutes per miles. If I reach this goal before the test in June I plan to increase it. I have a running app on my phone, called Runtastic, that tracks your runs and pace, so I plan to use that during the course of my training to complete the goal. While it's been easy to work on my personal goal because it's something I have to be conscious of, I haven’t done much work with my fitness goal so I hope to work more on it in the coming months. I really hope that the process of working to complete my fitness goal helps me in other aspects of my life, for example, perseverance and as I said before being able to translate my training onto the ice for hockey.