Maya Garcia-Miller BB entry #2

November has been a good month for me. I got back on the mats for teaching which i’m very excited about. It has helped me better understand techniques from this cycle because I am teaching them to someone else. Also in November I have felt really good about my training and overall performance in class. I’ve been finding that I have more energy and don't get as tired as I used too. At our second group training session we discussed our personal and physical goals. I decided my physical goal(s) are going to be, 10 perfect pushups, to work on my flexibility, and be able to hold a handstand for 5 seconds. I picked the 10 pushups because it is something required for the test and I figured out it is something I need to work on. To help me reach that goal I will be doing pushups at home and in class. As I go on I will gradually increase the difficulty of my push up until I can do 10 perfect ones. As far as the flexibility goal, I chose that because flexibility has always been something i've struggled with. I figured having better flexibility will make me a better martial artist, so I made it one of my goals. To reach this goal I will need to stretch. I will probably start with easier stretches that i do a couple days i a week and work my way up to more challenging stretches that I will do everyday. The handstand goal was something I decided because it is something I have always wanted to know how to do so I figured now was a better time than ever. To reach this goal I have to figure out what different steps it will take to end up in a handstand and then practice those steps. For my personal goal I decided to make it that i am going to compete. It has been something I have always wanted to do but something has gotten in the way. It is something I don’t know a lot about, so I will have to figure out a few details before I actually end up competing. This is the goal I’m the most excited about completing and trying because recently I’ve wanted to really see how good my jujitsu is. I’m excited to start to work on each of these goals and I think they will help me become a better martial artist.