Maya Garcia-Miller BB entry #1

A reason I am excited to start this 9 month process is because I now have a goal i'm working towards. Before this I felt like I didn't have a lot to train for because I had achieved the highest rank of brown belt. I still enjoyed training but felt like I needed something to push me and a goal to strive for. Recently, i’ve felt really good about my training, and I think it is because I finally have an overall purpose. Also, i’m excited to train for my black belt because it is a goal i've wanted to achieve since I was a blue belt. Throughout this process I hope to learn new things about myself through the leadership project. I’ve never participated in a project like that and i'm excited to keep coming up with ideas, and putting them into actions. I’m not too worried or nervous for anything yet but, i’m nervous for the test itself, solely because of the length. Five hours seems like a very long time and i'm afraid I will get too tired. Throughout the 9 months I will definitely be working on my endurance so i’m ready for that five hour test at the end of it all. For the months of september and october i was unable to focus all of my time on training because of other sports commitments, but now that that is over, i'm really excited to start to focus more of my time on training regularly. I am also excited to get back on the mats, and teaching because its been something i’ve missed in the time I took off. I think that teaching will also help with my overall understanding of material. I’ve always been told that a good way to learn and understand things is to teach it to someone else, so i think teaching will help me make sure i’m understanding everything. I’m excited for our first group training session and do the runthrough of all the needed material. I think it will be helpful to know everything we need to know and figure out what tecniquices I need to work on more and what teniquices I feel pretty good about. I’ve been keeping track of each week and recording how I feel about my training and health in general, and its been helping a lot and i like looking back and seeing progress i’ve made or seeing how my thought have changed.