At Revolution Martial Fitness, we realize there are generally two reasons adults seek out martial arts training – physical fitness and/or self-defense. Not only will you get both of those benefits, you will do so in a positive and welcoming environment. You will leave every class feeling like you got a great work out while learning something that can be extremely empowering

Our school has a great culture and is extremely welcoming to new members. Our students are friendly, helpful and will motivate you to do your best. 

Physical Fitness

When it comes to how we train our students, we approach it from a standpoint of making sure it is both a functional and sustainable. Students will get a lot out of class regardless of their fitness level. Workouts are easily adapted and everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace. Our exercises are fun, dynamic, and increase attributes like:

  • Total body strength
  • Explosive power
  • Aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Overall coordination


We use a combination of martial arts styles to provide an effective form of self-defense. The workout will continue as you learn modern techniques that utilize proper form, body mechanics, and leverage to maximize effectiveness. We cover proper striking/blocking (Muay Thai, Boxing, Kempo), ground defense (Jiu-Jitsu), and reality based training methodologies to cover all aspects of a possible confrontation.

Mental Fitness

While it may be secondary to most, you will be surprised with the mental benefits of training. One of the things we hear most often from our students is how much more centered they feel after a stressful day. We also hear how empowering it can be to feel prepared for anything life throws at you. We constantly provide our students with opportunities to challenge and improve themselves, which makes for an amazing training experience that helps you be at your best for everyone else in your life.